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Little Big Planet Beta 9/10

Little Big Planet Vita beta Review
Review by otic101
When I first received the Beta invitation for Little Big Planet Vita I was a static to say the least.
Little Big Planet is one of Media Molecules flag ship titles that started out on the early PlayStation 3,
and was later released for the PlayStation Vita. As soon as you pick up Little Big Planet for the 
PlayStation Vita you will notice no difference between the two systems other then graphics.
Deeper into the game you will be introduced to the touch features implemented into the game for
the PlayStation Vita. I noticed that the beta area consisted of 4 levels Toy Tanks, Tapling, The
Mainframe Heist and Flounder's Jump & Jive.. Every level in the beta were brilliantly designed
from the new innovation Tapling to a fun beat em and go like Toy Tanks. There was still many 
thing restricted to us but in the end it was a great experience and will await the release of this title.. 
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